mardi 27 novembre 2007

BUDGIE "s/t" - 1971

Back again!
I've been celebrating one of my best friends' birthday this week end (he just turned 30) and got myself singing, drunk, "When the Music's Over" & "L.A. Woman" (I wasn't in the pitch really, but who cared back then? Who listened actually? It was 6 in the morning and the others had already felt asleep). And no one here wants to hear about this anyway...

So, here we go today with BUDGIE, the Metal band from Cardiff. Yes, they were Metal, and they influenced a shitload of Metal bands (METALLICA among others who covered "Breadfan" - for those few of you who don't know...).

Their debut is essential, an absolute must-have. As the back cover has it, "(...) they are a Rock band, a freaking good Rock band." I can only agree.

If you like heavy riffs, funky yet punishing bass lines and ballsy drums, then don't look further. I remember being kinda "disappointed" by this high-pitched, almost female vocals at the very beginning, but once you hear what the guy can do with his voice, you can only enjoy the whole thing even more!

I personally advise people to own BUDGIE's three first LPs (until Never Turn Your Back On A Friend), and make sure they pay a listen before going through the rest of their discography.

The original UK copies on the MCA red & pink label (MKPS 2018) are harder & harder to find, thus the price skyrockets (£80 on average).

"Guts" is the opener, a true classic...


BUDGIE "s/t" - 1971 - UK - MCA MAPS 4959 (early 70's repress)

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EyeEatMusic a dit…

Funny thats the only way most know of the Budgie "Bread Fan"
Been enjoyin the read as always