vendredi 2 novembre 2007

The CORPORATION "s/t" - 1969

This is one of the first real collectable records I bought. I heard this one at a party and been struck.

This 6-piece offers a refreshing dose of Soul tainted Psych Rock, up-tempo and energetic. They kinda make me think about COLOSSEUM, thus they're Americans.
In a certain extend, they're not far away from the British Canterbury scene.
But the climax of this album is the side long "India", the Coletrane cover.
Songs being limited to 10Mb on the player, I had to cut it into two parts to make sure it fits and to give you the possibility to listen to that piece of music history.
Honestly, this track is fantastic. Buy your own copy!
The CORPORATION "s/t" - 1969 - USA - Capitol ST 175

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Devil Dick a dit…

I don't know this one. I will have to search this out! Thanks!