vendredi 23 novembre 2007

STRAY "Suicide" - 1971

STRAY today with their sophomore release : Suicide.
I can't tell if I like this one better than their self-titled debut...

STRAY's prolific career (the new line-up had a new record out last month) never gave the band the success it deserved. That said, their two earliest recordings are far better than the others (I'm not sure they should have released another album after Mudanzas in '73).

STRAY can be described as a Proto-Metal band with English & Irish Folk foundations. Progressive Hard Rock with R&B touches here and there.
I think Suicide is their greatest recording because of the special alchemy between Heavy Rock, their English roots, Prog moves and synth elements that boost the sound production.

Their first 2 albums are not easy to find on vinyl and tend to increase in value. 40€ for an original UK copy of Suicide seems to be a decent price.

Try "Jericho" on the player and get your own opinion about that great album.


STRAY "Suicide" - 1971 - UK - Transatlantic TRA 233

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Devil Dick a dit…

Jericho is Great!

It's all in your mind of the 1st is tehh GREATEST!

Both are MUST HAVES!!!

Devil Dick a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

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