mercredi 14 novembre 2007

JERUSALEM "s/t" - 1972

This one goes out to Mr Southard, guitar player for SOLACE, and the man behind the Devil's Music blog.

JERUSALEM is a British band whose both albums have been produced by Ian Gillan, but only their debut saw the light of day, in 1972.

What we have here is pure acid Hard Rock, with strong guitars, great leads, a solid bass/drums structure and some ball-crushing tracks. No filler, all killers!

JERUSALEM counts as a real rarity in the 70’s Hard Rock collectors market so expect to pay at least 150€ for a UK copy and 100€ for a German copy. If you don’t own this one, go buy it now!

Along with "Frustration" and "Primitive Man", "She Came Like A Bat From Hell" is one of my favorite tracks from this LP.


JERUSALEM “s/t” – 1972 – UK – SDL 6

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earthdog a dit…

The Jerusalem debut is one of those timeless heavy classics of the seventies.Even if the production sounds a bit dated,the songs still kick ass.The Jerusalem is being re-issued early next year(about time) and will be available from Rockadrome.I have the album on CD and on vinyl which i bought at a record fair many years ago.Along with Captain Beyond,Armaggeddon and a few others.Jerusalem's music has stood the test of time.

Devil Dick a dit…

This is on my list of wnats for many years now....


Devil Dick a dit…

You find me a copy yet!?!?!?!????


Play LOUDER! For Best Results a dit…

Well... I could investigate and find you a copy maybe. If you have what it takes...! ;-)

Anonyme a dit…


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