mercredi 7 novembre 2007

HAWKWIND "In Search Of Space" - 1971

Today starts a short selection of trippy songs, and how better should it start with but with the Brits from HAWKWIND, huh?

Their sophomore release "In Search Of Space" is my favorite HAWKWIND album (is it because of the arrival of Lemmy Kilmister? dunno...).
Sure it's spacy, trippy, psyched out and incredibly entertaining, pushing the Moorcock sci-fi tales into a brand new musical definition and representation.

For me, this defining piece of plastic could be seen as the first step into Art-Rock & Shoegaze as well as, obviously, one great contribution to the Hard Rock Prog scene. Italian bands from the era also fed on this gem. Not to mention the actual Stoner scene that owes a lot to such an achievement from HAWKWIND.
Try "You Shouldn't Do That" on the player (cut in 2 equal parts to fit the player) and get high brothers!

Note that the value of the vinyl mostly depends on the "Hawkwind Log", the booklet issued with the LP, the key to the universe of the band. I added a picture of the inside cover (that can't still be unfolded!) with the booklet to let you know about this beauty.


HAWKWIND "In Search Of Space" - 1971 - UK -United Artists UAG 29202 (French press)

6 commentaires:

earthdog a dit…

One of my favorite Hawkwind albums along with Space Ritual and Hall Of The Mountain Grill.Space Rock at its best.

Devil Dick a dit…

Classic in every sense!

Jimmy a dit…

I have just stumbled onto your Blog, and I echo your comments about 'In Search Of Space', it is a wonderful work of art both in the visual (sleeve/logbook) and audio senses.

By the way I like your Blog - there is nothing quite like Vinyl, the sight, the sound and even the smell!

Play LOUDER! For Best Results a dit…

Thanks for the kind words Jimmy! Hawkwind rules!

Anonyme a dit…

Lemmy didn't play on 'In search of Space' bass was Dave Anderson formerly of Amon Duul II.

Actually, Lemmy's amphetamine rock & roll approach changed the sound detrimentally. His influence is overplayed not least by himself.

Anonyme a dit…

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