mercredi 21 novembre 2007

FUSE "s/t" - 1969

FUSE is known for including Rick Nielsen & Tom Petersson who later founded CHEAP TRICK.

These guys are young (from 17 to 21 years old) yet musically tight and interesting.
They sound fresh, fun and energetic.

Lots of different influences are partly recognizable across the 8 songs of this album, ranging from Northern Soul to Hard Rock. Sometimes sounding a bit "messy" (the late 60's hard rock production techniques sound dated and weak), this will make you bang your hand and move your feet.

"Show Me" sounds like a great introduction to this album.


FUSE "s/t" - USA - 1969 - Epic BN 26502

3 commentaires:

eyeeatmusic a dit…


the last 5 records you did write ups on-I have enjoyed the read, Thank-You
I love em all but dont own....

Devil Dick a dit…

i think this record is a great peice of proto metal psych/garage rock at its finest. a great choice and a must have!

You are killing it fine sir!

bshears a dit…

Be warned,

Lots of pirate copies exist on this album, made to capitalize on Cheap Trick connection.