samedi 1 décembre 2007

ARMAGEDDON "s/t" - 1975

Loud guitars, serious Hard Rock, must-have LP, awesome pedigrees.
ARMAGEDDON’s sole album is a real treat. I doubt there’s any other album of the era that sounds as convincing. Well, there’s some others actually, soon to be posted ;-)

ARMAGEDDON is a supergroup rocking on purpose. The band flourished on the ashes of CAPTAIN BEYOND (does this ring a bell, anyone?). Bobby Caldwell joined forces with Keith Relf (YARDBIRDS) + Martin Pugh & Louis Cennamo (STEAMHAMMER) and rushed into the studio to record this amazing record.
Some would say 1975 is no great year for Psych/Fuzz Hard Rock, well... play this one (loud!) and think twice.
Some say the band hails for England, for me it’s American.

“Buzzard” is one of the greatest (the greatest?) Heavy Rock cut out of the 70’s. And man, I mean it! “Silver Tightrope”, that maybe comes to soon in the record, is a beautiful Psych bitter ballad. “Paths and Planes and Future Gains” and “Last Stand Before” are some pure CAPTAIN BEYOND greatness. “Basking in the White of the Midnight Sun” is a frenzy 11+ minute long piece of Hard/Psych.
I try to only play the best, so check “Buzzard” on the player and worship the mighty ARMAGEDDON!

I can only advise anyone of you to own at least 2 copies of this record, you’ll burn one in a coupla months I promise.
An original US copy sells for $70 at least, and European vinyl freaks will have to pay €60 on average... But hey... This record is worth all of your other records.


ARMAGEDDON “s/t” – 1975 – USA – A&M SP-4513

2 commentaires:

Devil Dick a dit…

I've been lucky enough to have this record for over 20 years!

Yes, i am old....

Great record and buzzard is the best!


Anonyme a dit…

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