vendredi 7 décembre 2007

TEN YEARS AFTER "Cricklewood Green" - 1970

It’s hard to post a classic. It’s impossible to say something that hasn’t been said before, and picking a track is a hell of a test.
Saying that Cricklewood Green is TEN YEARS AFTER’s most revered album won’t get me nowhere. Neither will saying it’s their 5th LP.

Cricklewood Green is, in my opinion, the last great album TEN YEARS AFTER recorded, before turning their music into a more mainstream Pop direction. All titles are solid, the guitar magic is omnipresent (is Alvin Lee one of the 10 most talented guitarists ever?) and the whole band feels so comfortable with this album it gives the listener total satisfaction.

Vibrant, rocking, smooth, smart and efficient are words that come to mind experiencing this classic album.

“As The Sun Still Burns Away” is the last cut of Cricklewood Green. This is the one I picked because of its gloomy atmosphere and the subtle guitar work. I love the way Alvin Lee sings, caressing the tune. It also makes me think about the legendary “Fever” written by Cooley/Davenport.

The first UK issue of Cricklewood Green featured a black & white poster of Alvin Lee, and mint copies sell for £30 on average.


TEN YEARS AFTER “Cricklewood Green” – 1970 – UK – Deram SML 1065

By the way, ain't that inside picture amazing?

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