samedi 8 décembre 2007

The DOORS "Strange Days" - 1967

Jim Morrison would be (is?) 64 today, so what better than today for having a DOORS post?

Released in october 1967 (40 years ago, no less), Strange Days probably is my favorite DOORS' album.

It's dark and gloomy, intense and deep, desperately beautiful and poetic, both lyrically and musically.

We can't see the band on the cover. Jim refused to have a band photo as a cover and Joel Brodsky came up with this photo of a group of jugglers and acrobats shot in New York City (150–158 East 36th Street). Elektra insisted on having the DOORS somewhere on the cover, so Joel added an early band pic (the back cover of the debut actually) and the title : Strange Days.

Musically, there's a little revolution in the DOORS's sound, because a bass guitar is occasionally added. Ray Manzarek's organ and presence give more space to Robbie Krieger's guitar work. Robbie's playing underlines Jim Morrison's vocals and poetry.

Apart from "Love Me Two Times", Moonlight Drive" and "People Are Strange", the music is darker and oppressive.

The band goes into intricate songs, and really defines his pre '70 sound pattern.

"Moonlight Drive" is one of the first songs Jim Morrison ever written. It was supposed to appear on the first album but didn't make it. It's one of my favorite DOORS' song.


The DOORS "Strange Days" - 1967 - USA - Elektra EKS-74014

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