mercredi 12 décembre 2007

PALADIN "s/t" - 1971

PALADIN is gifted.

Their debut is creative and eclectic. The guys happily fuse Jazz and Funk with Ethnic music, Prog and Psychedelic elements. A lot of bands of the era come to mind when listening to PALADIN : SANTANA & TRAFFIC mostly.
With wild energy all the way, honest and fresh Pop elements come to enrich the album even further.

Back in '71, this record was way ahead of its time because of this perfect mix of Latin/Cuban/Afro and Eastern influences.

Make sure you check this one!

Their second release a year later, Charge!, is somehow Heavier than their debut, with a Roger Dean cover.


PALADIN "s/t" - 1971 - UK - Island ILPS 9150 (French press)

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Devil Dick a dit…

Hey thanks man!
This is another one i must find now!
Right up my alley!!!
Did you ever go to the record show last Sunday? What did you get?
Did they have any Warhorse!
Sorry, I been away & sick! Keep me posted!!!