jeudi 20 décembre 2007

STEAMHAMMER "Mountains" - 1970

Time has come to give you one of my favorite records from 1970 : Mountains by STEAMHAMMER.

This one is really amazing : British Blues Rock with a Prog attitude and an undecent groovy approach.

Martin Pugh's (later to form ARMAGEDDON with K. Relf and B. Caldwell) guitar work is rich, textured, varied and utterly beautiful. The vocals are soft and comforting when the rhythm section is tight and clear. The sound production is also very enjoyable.

About STEAMHAMMER, they started as a backing band for Freddie King, before they got signed to CBS and released two albums before Mountains.

All of the 8 cuts of this album are impressive, so I went for the title track. Smooth and strong at the same time. This is a work-of-art I promise!

Note that there should be a sticker on the front cover of this album, mine is missing.


STEAMHAMMER "Mountains" - 1970 - UK - B&C CAS 1024

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