lundi 10 décembre 2007

UFO "UFO 1" - 1970

Here comes the space Rock outfit that goes by the name of UFO, from the UK.

This is their debut, released in 1970 on the Beacon label (original UK copies rarely show up, and sell for £60/£80 in mint condition).

The guys are young (not even in their 20s) yet show a good sens of melody and some great musicianship. The 3 covers they throw in ("C'mon Everybody", "Melinda" & "Who Do You Love") perfectly suit their own material and the full length suffers no filler.

They will release a second album (Flying - recommended too!) before Michael Schenker, freshly departed from SCORPIONS, jumps in and gives the band a "Pop" direction (Phenomenon is the first album with Schenker).

This truly needs to be (re-)discovered for Heavy/Prog/Psych Rock lovers.


UFO "UFO 1" - 1970 - UK - Nova 6.21426

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eyeeatmusic a dit…

I'm gonna to have to put this on my list of "must haves"

Thanks Once again for Sharing