vendredi 21 décembre 2007

BLOODROCK "2" - 1970

From Fort Worth, TX comes BLOODROCK with their second and gold selling effort : 2.

The band is linked to GRAND FUNK RAILROAD : Terry Knight is behind the two bands, as a manager and a spiritual adviser too. There are sound similarities that's for sure, but please remember GFR was a power-trio...

I've never been completely convinced by BLOODROCK's compositions, but their sound production is thick and massive, their songs are well-written and technically convincing.
I feel like the band lacks attitude to me. Sure they can play! but who cares? Know what I mean?

This second album is worth listening though (the 3 first BLOODROCK LPs are winners and you should own them), because of "Lucky In The Morning" (try the player!), "Cheater", "Dier Not A Lover" and, of course "D.O.A." (for Death On Arrival).


BLOODROCK "2" - 1970 - USA - Capitol ST-491

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I love this record...
Good Choice!