jeudi 6 décembre 2007

STRAY DOG "s/t" - 1973

STRAY DOG hails from Texas. The three-piece is granted a recording agreement by Greg Lake himself. They fly to England to put their first effort to tape. Unfortunately, their original drummer (who later ended in BLOODROCK) stays in the US, so they recruit Leslie Sampson (who played in Noel Redding’s ROAD).

Their debut didn’t sold much (as did their second offering in 1974).

Produced by Greg Lake, this debut is very tasty, great guitar licks all the way, some kind of out-dated Prog elements here and there that give the all thing a peculiar feel. The singer (and guitar player) “Snuffy” has a great voice and a very pleasant way of singing. The two ballads give the listener some room in a traditional Hard Rock vein.
STRAY DOG’s debut is one of those unknown albums people should rush to as fast as they can.
Very affordable and a beautiful textured cover...

“Tramp (How It Is)”, the opener, only is worth buying this album...


STRAY DOG "s/t" - 1973 - USA - Manticore MC66671

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Devil Dick a dit…

Good! You didn't use "Crazy" so I can post that one soon!!!
Great record and post!
You rule kind sir!

Dr.Progenstein Ph.P a dit…

Hey, cool blog. I'm an avid record collector also, an have in the range of 30,000 LP's (give or take).
I've used several of these blogs for downloading albums in the past, but I have to admit...I'm lost here. Where do I obtain the download link?