dimanche 24 juin 2007

FUGGY and GROOVY - This is the first session

Ladies & gentlemen, I'm proud to announce my boys at Disque Primeur asked for another batch of smoking podcasts.

Here comes "Fuggy & Groovy".

Now it's 70's Rock oriented. And it's vinyl only, brothers.This first session is about US Vintage Rock, the next one will be about British Rock.


ARMAGEDDON "Buzzard" (from "s/t" - A&M)
GRANICUS "You're In America" (from s/t" - RCA)
YESTERDAY'S CHILDREN "She's Easy" (from "s/t" - Map City)
SIR LORD BALTIMORE "Master Headache" (from "Kingdom Come" - Mercury)
BLUE CHEER "Magnolia Caboose Babyfinger" (from "Outside/inside" - Mercury)
TIN HOUSE "Personal Gain" (from "s/t - Epic)
BANG "Come With Me" (from "s/t" - Capitol)
JAMUL "All You HAve Left Is Me" (from "s/t" - Lizard)


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