vendredi 22 juin 2007

HORSE "s/t" - 1970

Here we go with a rarity.

HORSE was a very short-lived band as they only released this LP, but what a great album!

"The Sacrifice", the first track, is one of the greatest songs I know from this era. The rest of the songs are not that creepy and controversial, but in a more traditional Rock vein.

That said, there's no weak song here! Guitars, vocals (this guy knows how to sing!), rhythm section (Rick Parnell will later play with ATOMIC ROOSTER) and arrangements, everything is beautifully combined.

"Step Out Of Line", "See The People Creeping Round, "To Greet The Sun", "Gyspy Queen"... all those tracks are brilliant, so don't miss this Lp (reissues are available).


HORSE "s/t" - 1970 - UK - RCA SF 8109

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