vendredi 1 juin 2007

LUMBEE "Overdose" - 1970

This album appears to be dedicated to J. Hendrix and J. Joplin who had just passed away when the album was released.
Originally sold with a game (which goal is to earn money selling drugs), "Overdose" is about a tune. This tune, the one you hear in "Tone Deaf" (the opening track) will be the basis of most of the songs.

There's a rural feeling to this album, and the funky guitars sometimes go soft for quieter psych parts.

The two vocalists (a woman and a man) add a special dimension to the tracks, as if they were sort of leaders of a drug-addicted community, telling them it can be better and showing them the way.
Some great guitar works here and there, soulful singing throughout, comforting-sounding bass and an inventive drum section make this album a great addition to any 70's Rock record collection.

This one is highly recommended and one of my personal favorites.


LUMBEE "Overdose" - 1970 - USA - Radnor R-2003

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