vendredi 22 juin 2007

LUCIFER'S FRIEND "s/t" - 1973

Hailing from Germany, here comes LUCIFER'S FRIEND, a german band fronted by an english singer : John Lawton, who later sung in URIAH HEEP, but this is another story.

LUCIFER'S FRIEND first Lp is a great rocker, from start to finish, good guitar work throughout, great vocals and catchy tunes.

It's impossible not to mention the DEEP PURPLE influence, those organ-led heavy rockers don't lie. LED ZEPPELIN also comes to mind with the first track of the Lp (a reminiscence of "Immigrant song").

This record is a great exemple of 70's Hard Rock, mixing prog parts to hard-hitting guitar parts, as you can see on the last track of the album, "Lucifer's Friend". Oh, and by the way, the textured original cover is neat!


LUCIFER'S FRIEND "s/t" - 1973 - Germany - Philips 6305 068

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