mercredi 6 juin 2007

BIRTHA "Can't Stop The Madness" - 1973

I was visiting Garden Of Sound and saw the cover of BIRTHA's first record, it made me think about posting a song of their second LP : "Can't Stop The Madness".
This album somehow shows that the all-female quartet has grown up.
The girls know how to cut great songs, they know about melodies, groove and good rockers.
A couple of soft songs here and there, and you have a great follow-up to their self-titled debut.
This time, all of the girls share the vocal parts, for a more varied, more colorful ensemble.

Too bad they decided to split after this one, they really had something special I think.


BIRTHA "Can't Stop The Madness" - 1973 - USA - Dunhill DSX-50136

2 commentaires:

StevenK a dit…

Good album; merci beaucoup for this!


Anonyme a dit…

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