samedi 25 août 2007

STEPPENWOLF "Monster" - 1969

It might not sound that original, but I heart STEPPENWOLF, and I believe it's a great band to get an introduction to Heavy 60's Rock.

"Monster" is not what you can call their greatest album and tracks here don't beat their "Born To Be Wild" anthem, but this threefold introduction to the album that is "Monster/Suicide/America" is one of my favorite STEPPENWOLF's songs.

I love the melodies, the time signatures, the guitars, the voice and the lyrics.

If you don't know the song, play it now and remember that "Monster" also contains"Move Over", another great STEPPENWOLF's tune.


STEPPENWOLF "Monster" - 1969 - US - Dunhill DS 50066

CAPTAIN BEYOND "s/t" - 1972

Here is one of the greatest additions to any record collection : the mighty CAPTAIN BEYOND's self-titled first album.

This is a blast from the beginning to the end. I first discovered the band at a MONSTER MAGNET show, the DJ was playing this album and I asked myself : "Fuck! What is this band?".

A couple of months later I bought myself a copy on Ebay, the one you see on the picture. Only original first pressings have the 3D cover.

What can I say about this one...? Everything has already been said.
I can only tell any reader to listen to the track "Frozen Over" on the player, get their ass out to the nearest record store and buy a CD at least (an original US copy is not that expensive, pay no more than $50).

CAPTAIN BEYOND was a super group : Rod Evans (ex-DEEP PURPLE), Rhino and Lee Dorman (ex-IRON BUTTERFLY), and Bobby Caldwell (ex- JOHNNY WINTER BAND) before he leaves to join DERRINGER. This band sounds like no other and the riff-laden maelstrom is a Heavy Prog / Space Rock achievement. Hats off guys!


CAPTAIN BEYOND "s/t" - 1972 - USA - Capricorn CP 0105

T2 "It'll Work Out In Boomland" - 1970

Here comes a truly masterpiece, an unbeatable Prog monster and a rarity at the same time...

This guys were not in their twenties when they recorded their first album, and what a hell of an album!

4 terrific tracks ("Morning" is the B-side long track clocking in at 21+ minutes) of pure genius. Melodies are crystal, songs are jewels, going from calm "lullabies" to thundering Heavy storms. Nothing but genius. Period.

After the band called it quits, Keith Cross (ex-BULLDOG BREED - guitars) went on to form CROSS & ROSS (they released "Bored Civilians" on Decca SKL 5129 in 1972), a delightful mix of Acid Heavy Prog Folk (!) and another rare collector.

T2 reunited in the beginning of the 90's (without K. Cross) and released "Second Bite" which is worth payin a listen, but don't blame yourself if you don't.

"No More White Horses" closes the first side perfectly. This track is my favorite one, and listening to it, you'll understand why.


T2 "It'll Work Out In Boomland" - 1970 - UK - Decca SKL 5050

jeudi 23 août 2007

FANNY ADAMS "s/t" - 1971

FANNY ADAMS is a British band that relocated to Australia, where they released their sole album on MCA.

It's a true gem and the guys were very talented. Doug Parkinson does a hell of a great job throughout the 8 tracks, with his inspired and soulful vocals, the guitar parts are original and relevant, as well as the rhythm section.

There are real rockers in here, a bit of Prog here and there, and again, talent all the way through!

I can't understand why people don't rush onto this album.If you're into 70's Heavy/Prog Rock, this is a must-have. Well, at least, it's a personal favorite and you know I have good taste...

Try "Mid Morning Madness" and you'll know what it's all about. Knowing that this track is slightly different from the rest of the record, because of the haunting riffage.


FANNY ADAMS "s/t" - 1971 - Australia - KAPP KS 3644 (US press)

mercredi 22 août 2007

NITZINGER "One Foot in History" - 1973

A month after the first NITZINGER post on the Secret Vinyl Conspiracy, here comes the second LP, entitled "One Foot In History" released in 1973, still on Capitol.

Let's put it straight, this second Lp is less energetic. That said, the guitar work is as much elaborated as it was a year earlier, even slightly more interesting. Though, the other instruments are given more space and the rhythm section now has the space it deserves.
The tracks here are somehow stronger but less explosive.

Taste the band with this special double feature : "God Bless The Pervert" + "Earth Eater", the first two parts of the threefold track that closes side one.

If you have your Rock zooked, get your hands on the first album. If you want it plivy, then pick this one.


NITZINGER "One Foot In History" - 1973 - USA - Capitol SMAS-11122

samedi 18 août 2007

FRANK ZAPPA & The MOTHERS Of INVENTION "Absolutely Free" - 1967

"Absolutely Free" is the second album Frank released with the MOTHERS. This special blend of Jazz Rock and Zappa-extravaganza is a step forward experimentation.

Once again, this album is not the easiest way to discover the man's discography, still, play it a handful of times and you will learn to appreciate it.

This album was supposed to be released with a free libreto that had been censored prior to the release. Nevertheless, it was available through ZAPPA's own publishing company.

The gatefold cover is absolutely beautiful and is one one my fav ZAPPA's covers.

The track I chose is "The Duke Of Prunes", the second cut on the album. I love the voice, I love the soft guitars and love the humor, for sure.


FRANK ZAPPA & The MOTHERS "Absolutely Free" - 1967 - USA - Verve V65013

jeudi 16 août 2007

AMON DÜÜL II "Phallus Dei" - 1969

I discovered AMON DÜÜL II in the beginning of this year, and I was amazed right away. Gathering information about the band, I realised that the band was more than just music. AMON DÜÜL II was a community, a state of mind.

"Phallus Dei", their first album, sets the standards of acid, drug-consumption induced psychedelic music. Setting the shape of Krautrock to come, these visionaries managed to create a completely new dimension in modern music.

"Kanaan" is one of my favorite AMON DÜÜL II songs, this song literally makes me sweat, can't even explain why.

More AMON DÜÜL II to come, I promise!

By the way, burn a candle for Elvis Presley.


AMON DÜÜL II "Phallus Dei" - 1969 - Germany - Liberty LBS 83279 (french press)

mercredi 15 août 2007

The BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND "Keep On Moving" - 1969

Paul Butterfield kind of invented the acid Rock scene in 1966 with East West, his second album. With “Keep On Moving” in 1969, the Butterfield Blues Band gets into some horn-driven Blues and Jazz tracks.

Paul Butterfield is the last original member remaining and thus this album sounds “fresh”, far less guitars than before, and more Soul dominated songs.

Still, some cuts here are absolutely great whereas others are less interesting.
“No Amount Of Loving” is one of my favorite track of the album, so check it out now!


The BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND “Keep On Moving” – 1969 – USA – Elektra P-8606E (Japan press)

dimanche 12 août 2007

The DOORS "s/t" - 1967

Considered by many as one of the greatest debut albums of all time, "The Doors" sets the standards for counterculture in 43 minutes.
Released in January 1967, this self-titled first foray into dark poetry and psychedelic acid Rock is impressive and tremendous.
Jim Morrison's haunting voice and poetry serve up the melodies whose hypnotic relentlessness reaches the apex on "The End", unequalled and eternal oedipal drama.
Prior to its release, Elektra censored some verses (on "Break On Through" : "she gets high" became "she gets..." and on "The End", by the end of the song, the word "Fuck" has been deleted many times). The first uncensored versions saw the light of day by the 80's.

We all know this album by heart : "Break On Through", "Light My fire" ('67 Summer of Love #1 hit), "Soul Kitchen", "The Crystal Ship", "I Looked At You", "20th Century Fox"... Let me tell you picking up a song was not a piece of cake as all the songs here are magical and ultimately brilliant.

Though "End Of The Night" may not be the most unforgettable song the DOORS have written, I think it sums up the atmosphere of this first album. The creepy organ, the discreet drumming and eerie guitar line are the perfect soundscape to Jim Morrison's beautiful poetrical verses. His fascination for the dreams and their meaning is revealed, as well as the idea of long deserted highways and, obviously, death being the end of the night. Discussing Jim's poetry is another story and would take too much time, so I let it to your own appreciation and understanding.

40 years after its release, this debut album is still a summit and amazingly unforgettable.

My LP you see above is a mono copy and the mix is somehow different than the stereo versions.


The DOORS "s/t" - 1967 - USA - Elektra EKL 4007

PATTO "s/t" - 1970

An underrated band and underrated musicians : PATTO.
This is their first album released in 1970 on Vertigo.

This exquisite blend of Jazz Rock and Blues is one of the finest you can ever get to listen to.
Mike Patto’s voice is soulful and powerful, and has that little something that empowers the songs.
And what about that guitarist? Ollie Halsall handles the situation like no other : he’s got the groove when you need it, he delivers rock on demand, and keeps it hot all the time. I also have to mention the amazingly massive and creative rhythm section.

This album kills from its very beginning to “Sittin’ Back easy”, the last of the 8 tracks of this first album.

Check “Red Glow” on the player, get on your knees and worship.


PATTO “s/t” – 1970 – UK – Vertigo 6360016

samedi 4 août 2007

"FUGGY and GROOVY" strikes again!

Hello people!

The time has come to unleash the second part of the FUGGY & GROOVY series.

This second volume is about British Rock only. I hope you'll like it as much as the first session some week sago.

I'm already working on the third part of this series, which will only be dedicated to German Rock. Prepare for some weird experiments and noise mutilations...

You know how to deal with iTunes to play the podcast... click here :

Here we go with the playlist for this second session :

NUTZ "Poor Man" (from "s/t" - A&M)
BUDGIE "Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman" (from "s/t" - MCA)
PALADIN "Fill Up Your Heart" (from "s/t" - Island)
URIAH HEEP "Gyspy" (from "Very 'Eavy, Very 'Umble" - Vertigo)
HORSE "The Sacrifice" (from s/t" - RCA)
INCREDIBLE HOG "Warning" (from "s/t" - Dart)
MAY BLITZ "8 Mad Grim Nits" (from "The Second Of May" - Vertigo)
DIRTY TRICKS "High Life" (from "s/t" - Polydor)