dimanche 12 août 2007

The DOORS "s/t" - 1967

Considered by many as one of the greatest debut albums of all time, "The Doors" sets the standards for counterculture in 43 minutes.
Released in January 1967, this self-titled first foray into dark poetry and psychedelic acid Rock is impressive and tremendous.
Jim Morrison's haunting voice and poetry serve up the melodies whose hypnotic relentlessness reaches the apex on "The End", unequalled and eternal oedipal drama.
Prior to its release, Elektra censored some verses (on "Break On Through" : "she gets high" became "she gets..." and on "The End", by the end of the song, the word "Fuck" has been deleted many times). The first uncensored versions saw the light of day by the 80's.

We all know this album by heart : "Break On Through", "Light My fire" ('67 Summer of Love #1 hit), "Soul Kitchen", "The Crystal Ship", "I Looked At You", "20th Century Fox"... Let me tell you picking up a song was not a piece of cake as all the songs here are magical and ultimately brilliant.

Though "End Of The Night" may not be the most unforgettable song the DOORS have written, I think it sums up the atmosphere of this first album. The creepy organ, the discreet drumming and eerie guitar line are the perfect soundscape to Jim Morrison's beautiful poetrical verses. His fascination for the dreams and their meaning is revealed, as well as the idea of long deserted highways and, obviously, death being the end of the night. Discussing Jim's poetry is another story and would take too much time, so I let it to your own appreciation and understanding.

40 years after its release, this debut album is still a summit and amazingly unforgettable.

My LP you see above is a mono copy and the mix is somehow different than the stereo versions.


The DOORS "s/t" - 1967 - USA - Elektra EKL 4007

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