jeudi 16 août 2007

AMON DÜÜL II "Phallus Dei" - 1969

I discovered AMON DÜÜL II in the beginning of this year, and I was amazed right away. Gathering information about the band, I realised that the band was more than just music. AMON DÜÜL II was a community, a state of mind.

"Phallus Dei", their first album, sets the standards of acid, drug-consumption induced psychedelic music. Setting the shape of Krautrock to come, these visionaries managed to create a completely new dimension in modern music.

"Kanaan" is one of my favorite AMON DÜÜL II songs, this song literally makes me sweat, can't even explain why.

More AMON DÜÜL II to come, I promise!

By the way, burn a candle for Elvis Presley.


AMON DÜÜL II "Phallus Dei" - 1969 - Germany - Liberty LBS 83279 (french press)

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