samedi 25 août 2007

CAPTAIN BEYOND "s/t" - 1972

Here is one of the greatest additions to any record collection : the mighty CAPTAIN BEYOND's self-titled first album.

This is a blast from the beginning to the end. I first discovered the band at a MONSTER MAGNET show, the DJ was playing this album and I asked myself : "Fuck! What is this band?".

A couple of months later I bought myself a copy on Ebay, the one you see on the picture. Only original first pressings have the 3D cover.

What can I say about this one...? Everything has already been said.
I can only tell any reader to listen to the track "Frozen Over" on the player, get their ass out to the nearest record store and buy a CD at least (an original US copy is not that expensive, pay no more than $50).

CAPTAIN BEYOND was a super group : Rod Evans (ex-DEEP PURPLE), Rhino and Lee Dorman (ex-IRON BUTTERFLY), and Bobby Caldwell (ex- JOHNNY WINTER BAND) before he leaves to join DERRINGER. This band sounds like no other and the riff-laden maelstrom is a Heavy Prog / Space Rock achievement. Hats off guys!


CAPTAIN BEYOND "s/t" - 1972 - USA - Capricorn CP 0105

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