mercredi 22 août 2007

NITZINGER "One Foot in History" - 1973

A month after the first NITZINGER post on the Secret Vinyl Conspiracy, here comes the second LP, entitled "One Foot In History" released in 1973, still on Capitol.

Let's put it straight, this second Lp is less energetic. That said, the guitar work is as much elaborated as it was a year earlier, even slightly more interesting. Though, the other instruments are given more space and the rhythm section now has the space it deserves.
The tracks here are somehow stronger but less explosive.

Taste the band with this special double feature : "God Bless The Pervert" + "Earth Eater", the first two parts of the threefold track that closes side one.

If you have your Rock zooked, get your hands on the first album. If you want it plivy, then pick this one.


NITZINGER "One Foot In History" - 1973 - USA - Capitol SMAS-11122

4 commentaires:

earthdog a dit…

I for one are a big fan of this blog.Being a collector of vinyl myself i find this blog to be of great value.Great to see Freak Out on here.One of Zappa's best work's!!

Play LOUDER! For Best Results a dit…

Thanks for the kind words Earthdog. More Zappa to come I promise! Take good care!

Anonyme a dit…

How does one download album from this site. Can find a link anywhere??

Play LOUDER! For Best Results a dit…

Hi there,
You can't download any LP on here and can only play tracks if they appear on the player. This one ain't in the player anymore, and I'm afraid you can't listen to anything...