samedi 25 août 2007

T2 "It'll Work Out In Boomland" - 1970

Here comes a truly masterpiece, an unbeatable Prog monster and a rarity at the same time...

This guys were not in their twenties when they recorded their first album, and what a hell of an album!

4 terrific tracks ("Morning" is the B-side long track clocking in at 21+ minutes) of pure genius. Melodies are crystal, songs are jewels, going from calm "lullabies" to thundering Heavy storms. Nothing but genius. Period.

After the band called it quits, Keith Cross (ex-BULLDOG BREED - guitars) went on to form CROSS & ROSS (they released "Bored Civilians" on Decca SKL 5129 in 1972), a delightful mix of Acid Heavy Prog Folk (!) and another rare collector.

T2 reunited in the beginning of the 90's (without K. Cross) and released "Second Bite" which is worth payin a listen, but don't blame yourself if you don't.

"No More White Horses" closes the first side perfectly. This track is my favorite one, and listening to it, you'll understand why.


T2 "It'll Work Out In Boomland" - 1970 - UK - Decca SKL 5050

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