dimanche 24 juin 2007

FUGGY and GROOVY - This is the first session

Ladies & gentlemen, I'm proud to announce my boys at Disque Primeur asked for another batch of smoking podcasts.

Here comes "Fuggy & Groovy".

Now it's 70's Rock oriented. And it's vinyl only, brothers.This first session is about US Vintage Rock, the next one will be about British Rock.


ARMAGEDDON "Buzzard" (from "s/t" - A&M)
GRANICUS "You're In America" (from s/t" - RCA)
YESTERDAY'S CHILDREN "She's Easy" (from "s/t" - Map City)
SIR LORD BALTIMORE "Master Headache" (from "Kingdom Come" - Mercury)
BLUE CHEER "Magnolia Caboose Babyfinger" (from "Outside/inside" - Mercury)
TIN HOUSE "Personal Gain" (from "s/t - Epic)
BANG "Come With Me" (from "s/t" - Capitol)
JAMUL "All You HAve Left Is Me" (from "s/t" - Lizard)


vendredi 22 juin 2007

HORSE "s/t" - 1970

Here we go with a rarity.

HORSE was a very short-lived band as they only released this LP, but what a great album!

"The Sacrifice", the first track, is one of the greatest songs I know from this era. The rest of the songs are not that creepy and controversial, but in a more traditional Rock vein.

That said, there's no weak song here! Guitars, vocals (this guy knows how to sing!), rhythm section (Rick Parnell will later play with ATOMIC ROOSTER) and arrangements, everything is beautifully combined.

"Step Out Of Line", "See The People Creeping Round, "To Greet The Sun", "Gyspy Queen"... all those tracks are brilliant, so don't miss this Lp (reissues are available).


HORSE "s/t" - 1970 - UK - RCA SF 8109

LUCIFER'S FRIEND "s/t" - 1973

Hailing from Germany, here comes LUCIFER'S FRIEND, a german band fronted by an english singer : John Lawton, who later sung in URIAH HEEP, but this is another story.

LUCIFER'S FRIEND first Lp is a great rocker, from start to finish, good guitar work throughout, great vocals and catchy tunes.

It's impossible not to mention the DEEP PURPLE influence, those organ-led heavy rockers don't lie. LED ZEPPELIN also comes to mind with the first track of the Lp (a reminiscence of "Immigrant song").

This record is a great exemple of 70's Hard Rock, mixing prog parts to hard-hitting guitar parts, as you can see on the last track of the album, "Lucifer's Friend". Oh, and by the way, the textured original cover is neat!


LUCIFER'S FRIEND "s/t" - 1973 - Germany - Philips 6305 068

mardi 12 juin 2007

AYNSLEY DUNBAR RETALIATION "To Mum From Aynsley & The Boys" - 1970

Aynsley Dunbar started his carreer as a session musician for Eddie Boyd, then joined John Mayall, stayed a while with the Mothers Of Invention, and even played with Jeff Beck.
When he created the AYSNLEY DUNBAR RETALIATION, he focused on blues, the one he learned, fed on and ultimately loves.
This, "To Mum From Aynsley & The Boys", is the third album with the very original line-up with the addition of an organ, which gives a jazz feeling to the album.
"Leaving Right Away" is the last track of this great piece of plastic and witnesses that new dimension the band decided to add to the music.

Produced by John Mayall, this album is a must-have for the British Blues Boom fans, as well as all the other albums Dunbar played on... No less.


AYNSLEY DUNBAR RETALIATION "To Mum From Aysnley & The Boys" - 1970 - UK - Liberty LBS83223

mercredi 6 juin 2007

BIRTHA "Can't Stop The Madness" - 1973

I was visiting Garden Of Sound and saw the cover of BIRTHA's first record, it made me think about posting a song of their second LP : "Can't Stop The Madness".
This album somehow shows that the all-female quartet has grown up.
The girls know how to cut great songs, they know about melodies, groove and good rockers.
A couple of soft songs here and there, and you have a great follow-up to their self-titled debut.
This time, all of the girls share the vocal parts, for a more varied, more colorful ensemble.

Too bad they decided to split after this one, they really had something special I think.


BIRTHA "Can't Stop The Madness" - 1973 - USA - Dunhill DSX-50136

vendredi 1 juin 2007

LUMBEE "Overdose" - 1970

This album appears to be dedicated to J. Hendrix and J. Joplin who had just passed away when the album was released.
Originally sold with a game (which goal is to earn money selling drugs), "Overdose" is about a tune. This tune, the one you hear in "Tone Deaf" (the opening track) will be the basis of most of the songs.

There's a rural feeling to this album, and the funky guitars sometimes go soft for quieter psych parts.

The two vocalists (a woman and a man) add a special dimension to the tracks, as if they were sort of leaders of a drug-addicted community, telling them it can be better and showing them the way.
Some great guitar works here and there, soulful singing throughout, comforting-sounding bass and an inventive drum section make this album a great addition to any 70's Rock record collection.

This one is highly recommended and one of my personal favorites.


LUMBEE "Overdose" - 1970 - USA - Radnor R-2003

CHRIS MOON GROUP "s/t" - 1970

This is the most recent entry in my record collection : CHRIS MOON GROUP. This self-titled album was released in 1970 on Kinetic, a CBS in-house label.

Chose the song on the player and enjoy. "Give It To Me" is the last track of side A.

The album seems to be completely unknown to a lot of people into 70's Rock. It's absolutely impossible to find any info on this album or this band/guitar player. But it seems like this album is the sole LP they ever released.

There's a funky feeling throughout the album, but strong blues influences are also evident, especially on this track and also on "Get Together Jim", the last track of the album.

Guitars are soft with some good riffing and great gimmicks. Overall, the voice of Chris Moon is particularly interesting, from cool whispers to strident howlings. It makes me think about the singer of BLACK PEARL on some tracks.

I could only recommend this album as all of the 10 tracks are good, and some are particularly tasty.

If anyone of you have more info about CHRIS MOON GROUP or this LP, don't hesitate and post them in the comments section.


CHRIS MOON GROUP "s/t" - 1970 - USA - Kinetic Z30228

"Secret VINYL Conspiracy"... It's supposed to be about vinyl, right !?!

First day of june, first post of the month.
A friend asked me a crucial question : "This blog is called "Secret Vinyl Conspiracy", but you never talk about vinyl... ?! What the f**k, man?"
Sure, he's right...
From now on, every track I'll post will be from my personal collection, and I hope you'll like them.
Come back later today for the first post, you won't be disappointed, I promise.