lundi 23 juillet 2007

NITZINGER "s/t" - 1972

The latest addition to my ever growing LP collection is the NITZINGER first album, released on Capitol in 1972.
This album is an absolute must-have for fans of hard-hitting guitar-driven 70's Hard Rock!
John Nitzinger also worked with BLOODROCK and wrote some great songs for the Texas-based outfit.

On this first album, the mighty guitarist offers kick-ass Rock'n'roll tracks, packed with a heavy load of screaming guitar leads, and even more guitar licks here and there. This is 70's Hard Rock at its best, with a special Texas feeling all the way.

The song I picked, "Hero of the War" (this song closes the album) makes me think of "No One Knows" by the awesome QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE.
It might not be the most hard rocking cut of this self-titled album, but it's a hell of a great track!


NITZINGER "s/t" - 1972 - USA - Capitol SMAS-11091

Note: With this new song posted, we've just reach a 1-hour long playlist (available in the player). Hope you enjoy it!

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