vendredi 20 juillet 2007


As promised, here comes a new slice of The MOTHERS.
"Freak Out!" is the first album of this bunch of pioneers, and, at the same time, is the first double album in the music history. No less.
When it comes to the music, understand that "Freak Out!" is a two-sided project. On the A and B sides, you will find some Psych Pop tunes, very catchy and satirical. Frank shows the world his ability to come up with great melodies while focusing on experimentation and a different vision of how the music should sound like.
The C and D sides switch to non-conformist avant-garde compositions. I mean effects galore and deconstructed Rock & Pop structures.
The 8+-minute long "Help I'm A Rock" is the track I chose for the player. This suite in 3 movements is actually dedicated to Elvis Presley (as the liner notes have it).
If you look for buying an original copy of this one, check on the inside of the cover. First pressings have a box above the triangle-shaped photo in the lower right corner of the inside spread with an advertisement for the "Freak Map."


The MOTHERS OF INVENTION "Freak Out!" - 1968 - USA - Verve V6-5005-2

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oeddy a dit…

is this an upload of the original vinyl? zappa went on letterman in 1983 and confessed he had to redo the drums to reissue this album in particular!

Play LOUDER! For Best Results a dit…

Hi Oeddy. This actually IS an original vinyl. Never heard a reissue by the way.