vendredi 13 juillet 2007

INCREDIBLE HOG "Volume 1" - 1973


Here comes another rarity : the sole album this british band ever released, and what a gem!
This LP almost never saw the light of day, the guys had to wait hours before they could be heard and, consequently, signed...

Hard-hitting Hard Rock, a pair of soft ballads (one on each side), scorching riffs, bits of blues here and there, a terrible uncompromising rhythm section, and, last but not least, a voice, and what a voice!
"Tadpole" is one of the numerous great cuts of this LP.

There are some different covers (the German and Spanish ones are completely different), but the genuine cover is the one you see above.


INCREDIBLE HOG "Volume 1" - 1973 - UK - Dart ARTS 65372

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