dimanche 22 juillet 2007

NEU! "s/t" - 1972

The duo NEU! was formed in Düsseldorf, Germany, back in 1971. Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger freshly departed from KRAFTWERK gathered in the studio with CAN producer, and got those 6 tracks recorded in 4 days.

"Hallogallo" is the opening song, clocking in at 10+ minutes, this slice of Art/Prog Rock is a pure jewel. With this song, NEU! invented what we call "driving music". The guitar riffs and sliding notes crawl over the mechanical endless drumming to create an hypnotic almost robotic dance.

On other songs, the duo also gets into more experimental ways, adding electronics, jackhammer and other tone distortions into the mix.

Thanks to this unique blend of sounds, noises and aesthetics, this NEU! first self-titled album sets the band as a milestone in Krautrock but also on the then-new born electronica scene.


NEU! "s/t" - 1972 - Germany - Brain 1004

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