vendredi 2 mai 2008

Stop! Look! Listen!

From Dortmund, Germany comes EPITAPH and its second offering "Stop Look And Listen", by far its greatest achievement.

The band went on to common Hard Rock in the 80's and thus will not be discussed here.

But this one is tasty as hell!

You get some kind of Rural almost Folk intros that merge into some smart Heavy Rock, laid-back, cool but solid.

The 5 cuts here are sharp and precise, floating between false Hippy Rock and crude Hard Rock.

This German press doesn't come up very often, so I advise anybody to catch it while they can. You won't buy it for the cover (ain't that shit ugly?). You'll have to spend at leat 40€/50€ for this one, but I tell you it's worth the price!

I give you the title track, cut #5 : Stop Look And Listen.


EPITAPH "Stop Look And Listen" - 1972 - Germany - Polydor 2371 274

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Devil Dick a dit…

hey brother! check out my playlist from my radio show last night!

You made an appearance and didn't even know it!


i love this record by the way!!!