vendredi 23 février 2007

Brothers & Sisters, ladies & gentlemen !


The third session in the StoneFreak series has just been unleashed.
Just clic on the image below and enjoy.

Dp Podcast 12: Stone Freak - Session III [By Play Louder For Best Results]

But now you're wondering... Who the fuck are those bands playing!?
Here we go with a list :
SPIRIT CARAVAN "Brainwashed"
ORANGE GOBLIN "Solarisphere"
DOZER "Feelgood Formula"
WE "Galactic Racetrack"
LOWRIDER "Caravan"

Always remember to play this and all other sessions LOUD!

dimanche 11 février 2007

Watcha gonna do boy?

I thought it was time to slow it down a little bit.
You know, all this sonic violence could drive people crazy sometimes.
And give some bad headaches.
So I decided to switch to the heaviness, and monolithic riffage.
For those of you who don't know YOB, prepare to feel like the world is crashing down.
Well, if you're into Cathedral, Electric Wizard, Boris and that kind of bands, then YOB will suit you fine.
"Quantum Mystic" is the first song of their last album, "The Unreal Never Lived", before the band called it quits. (Guitarist/singer Mike Scheidt now plays in his new band MIDDIAN).
I think this first song is the greatest of that 4-track LP.
Heavy as hell, unforgettable guitar riff, thundering drums and over-the-top screeching vocals.
Now it's time to chill out, and lay back... It's Sunday man.
(YOB - the Unreal Never Lived - Metal Blade 14537 - 2005)

jeudi 8 février 2007

Go for the throat!

I thought you would like this one as much as I do.

DISCORDANCE AXIS, those Japanese grinders released a lot of 7", tapes and other full lengths, and if you're into Grindcore, you have to check them out!

"Heavy Water" is taken from their LP "Ulterior", later compiled with other tracks as "Original Sound Version 1992-1995", which is, by the way, an exquisite comp.

I'm not sure the band is still existing, I've hear they had splitted and now play in various bands. "Heavy Water" is one of my favorite songs, and one of the longest too. Sure, there's some NAPALM DEATH is this way of playing, but their sound is completely different. 3 guys. Drums + guitar. The screams are pretty convincing, and I like them a lot.

Check this song and buy their records, they definitely deserve it.

(DISCORDANCE AXIS "Original Sound Version 1992-1995" - HydraHead HH666-77 - 2002)

mercredi 7 février 2007

No one here gets out alive

Do you know Melt Banana? Do you know Arab On Radar? Do you know Fantomas? Do you know what those 3 bands would sound like if they were supposed to play altogether, being high on drugs (mostly speed)?
APES OF WRATH's only album would approximately answer this question.
These guys are crazy. Their album clocks in at 15 minutes in 15 tracks (knowing "Sun Ra" is the longest track of the album), revisiting Hardcore, Grindcore and harsh Noise.
This album is an absolute must-have. Extreme fun and fresh madness, that's what it's all about.
And the crisp sound of this album makes it a lovely little piece of plastic you won't ever be fed up with.
Try it, you may never be the same again.

(APES OF WRATH - s/t - Obtuse Mule #3.14 - 2002)

mardi 6 février 2007

The apocalyptic vision of a criminally insane charismatic cult leader

How dumb it is not to post music on a music blog?

You're right, talking about music without having the possibilty to hear it is a waste. I'm not into posting full length albums, nevertheless, I'll post one song as often as possible, and review an album/band.

Let me start today with that extremely aggressive track from WATCHMAKER's second album : "Kill. Fucking. Everyone."

This Boston-based bunch of extreme Metal freaks delivers evil, in every note, in every song. This almost-30 minute album is filled with loathsome hatred. You can even feel it.

When it comes to the music, expect one of the most aggressive stuff you've ever listened to. First take a solid Death Metal basis, add a lethal dose of Grindcore. You're not even close.

Don't forget to inject some Black Metal evil seeds into the recipe. A drop of Thrash is also added.

It would be very hard to simply label the band. I'd say WATCHMAKER plays some Extreme Aggro Death Core (I love the term "Aggro", I don't even know what it means).

You know what? Buy it. Love it. And kill. Fucking. Everyone.

(WATCHMAKER "Kill. Fucking. Everyone." - EARACHE MOSH 315CD - 2005)