mardi 6 février 2007

The apocalyptic vision of a criminally insane charismatic cult leader

How dumb it is not to post music on a music blog?

You're right, talking about music without having the possibilty to hear it is a waste. I'm not into posting full length albums, nevertheless, I'll post one song as often as possible, and review an album/band.

Let me start today with that extremely aggressive track from WATCHMAKER's second album : "Kill. Fucking. Everyone."

This Boston-based bunch of extreme Metal freaks delivers evil, in every note, in every song. This almost-30 minute album is filled with loathsome hatred. You can even feel it.

When it comes to the music, expect one of the most aggressive stuff you've ever listened to. First take a solid Death Metal basis, add a lethal dose of Grindcore. You're not even close.

Don't forget to inject some Black Metal evil seeds into the recipe. A drop of Thrash is also added.

It would be very hard to simply label the band. I'd say WATCHMAKER plays some Extreme Aggro Death Core (I love the term "Aggro", I don't even know what it means).

You know what? Buy it. Love it. And kill. Fucking. Everyone.

(WATCHMAKER "Kill. Fucking. Everyone." - EARACHE MOSH 315CD - 2005)

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