jeudi 12 avril 2007

Noise for Christ's sake

This player is a pain in the ass.

It cuts songs.

Too bad 'cause I just added "Goat Lips" from LADDIO BOLOCKO. Those guys crafted a unique form of ambient and chaotic noise, straight from the guts of NYC. As most of the greatest bands of the 90's, they were short lived. I can only recommend The Life & Times Of LADDIO BOLOCKO, a 2xCD compilation that shows the indeniable talent of this band.

"Goat Lips" starts as a false start pop song (knowing that a pop song would never sound that way), then turns into an indie post HxC song DRIVES LIKE JEHU could have played. Then, fury and madness take over the music and it all becomes a solid mass of unquestionable chaotic deconstruction (I'm not sure those last words mean anything put together in that particular order).

Listening to LADDIO BOLOCKO at a descent volume (because it's meant to be played louder than what your neighbours can tolerate) can actually drive you crazy.

LADDIO BOLOCKO was an essential band of the 90's underground NYC scene. Well, in my opinion...

LADDIO BOLOCKO "The Lifes & Times Of LADDIO BOLOCKO" - 2001 - No Quarter - NQR002

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