jeudi 19 avril 2007

Frozen by the snow & BURNT BY THE SUN

Here comes a new track to this all-new player. It doesn't fit though. But who cares? Music is what counts after all.

BURNT BY THE SUN is a NJ based band, specialised in delivering extreme post HxC oriented good Rock'n'Roll, because that what it's all about.

This particular song, "Forlani", is taken from their second full length, "The Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good", released 2003 on Relapse. They also released a demo first and a split LP with label-mates LUDDITE CLONE.

Getting back to the music itself, BURNT BY THE SUN is one of the greatest forms of extreme music today. Their great mix of brutallity, riffage, technicity and melody (there's some, I can tell) is particularly distinctive from the numerous bands they shared stages with. Kind of fresh I would say, and extreeeeemelly gooooood.

Enjoy that track and go get yourself a copy of their latest (last?) effort.

BURNT BY THE SUN "The Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good" - 2003 - Relapse Records - RR-6520

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