jeudi 16 octobre 2008


As many of you may have guessed, time has come to put an end to the Secret Vinyl Conspiracy. I basically don't have time anymore to post new music. I'm pretty sad about this, and I hope in a near future I'll be able to launch a new blog I'll have enough time to dedicate to.

As the ultimate post, I thought about posting a white vinyl (I love them white!).

No need to introduce NEBULA, neither to talk about their blend of Stoner.

If you're the amazingly beautiful lady on the cover, if you or one of your friends know her, once saw her, heard of her, whatever... please get in touch! I want to know that girl! Please!

Please enjoy those last three tracks I post on this blog.

I had a lot of fun doing this and hope to share music again, as soon as I have time again, 'cause plenty of new LPs arrived lately and some more are about show up pretty soon.

Thank you for all your questions, support and much appreciated congrats, hope to be back soon.


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