dimanche 10 août 2008


There goes my new message in weeks!

I just got my internet connection back 2 days ago, so I can post again on the SVC.

I got back from NYC with a shit load of great memories and a bunch of great LPs (Zappa, Joplin, Omnibus, Bandit, Mama Lion and some others).

I'll post music soon, but for the moment I can't rip vinyl anymore. Still have some little things to fix.

Here's my vinyl wall (upgraded and improved on a daily basis). Some new LPs to be added in a coupla weeks, and even more music to post. I'll keep you posted brothers.

Take good care and speak soon!

2 commentaires:

Devil Dick a dit…

cool! can't wait to have you back in action!

So sorry we missed while you were in NY!

maybe next time...???

Devil Dick a dit…

where are you!?!?!?!?????????