dimanche 27 avril 2008

What if Jim's French shallow grave was a hoax?

You all know I'm a huge DOORS fan, been a fan for near 20 years and will still be in the next decades.
The feeling I had when I listened to this album for the first time was : "Fuck! This Jim Morrison rip-off actually has something special".
And any DOORS fan have to play this one.

Back in '74 (Jim was dead for 3 years already), PHANTOM'S DIVINE COMEDY was promoted as Jim Morrison's new band by the management itself.

This Psych horror-themed album capitalizes on heavy organ, Morrison-like vocals, Heavy Rock riffage and subtle jazz touches here and there.

It's hard to listen to this record without thinking about original DOORS songs, but once you think about PHANTOM'S DIVINE COMEDY as a real band, they might sound soulful, original and inventive.
"Part 2" never saw the light of day and I'm not even sure the band had any material for another LP.
$50 is a decent price for an original US copy. Most US copies you find in Europe are Export copies with a cut corner or a punch hole in the upper right side of the cover.

"Tales From A Wizard", the album's opener, seems to be a call to the Lizard King to rise from the dead. Judge by yourself.


PHANTOM'S DIVINE COMEDY "Part 1" - 1974 - USA - Capitol ST-11313

dimanche 13 avril 2008

Sunday's face-melting guitar action

Randy California died in 1997, trying to save his son from drowning.
This guy was a highly talented guitar player, as you can hear on his debut LP.
Sure you know him thanks to the part he played in the band SPIRIT (though I don't like SPIRIT that much) and his other solo albums don't compare to this one.

On Downer, he's acompanied by Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding (credited as Henry Manchovitz and Clit McTorius).

I can only advise anybody to check this one as it's truly enjoyable from start to finish with 2 BEATLES covers and a heavy load of screaming wha-wha guitars.

A must-have? I think so!!
Please note there are 2 different covers existing. I've been told that the one you see (the one I own) is supposedly the original one (with no inscription below the picture), but if you have more info on that, please let me know!


RANDY CALIFORNIA "Kaptain Kopter And The (Fabulous) Twirly Birds" - 1972 - USA - Epic E31755

dimanche 6 avril 2008

Debe Ser Un Camello

I discovered Uncle Frank with "Hot Rats" and its awesome "ultra-violet in infra-red" photograph cover, and I got to admit it's been a real slap on my face, right at first listen.
Everything on this record is delectable.
Maybe the 'easiest' entry to the ZAPPA's discography, "Hot Rats" is also an unbeatable milestone in modern music.

Anyone would expect me to select Willie The Pimp (what a song!!!) for the player, but I went for It Must Be A Camel, the sixth and last cut of this unbelievable album.

I'm sure you will ENJOY!

FRANK ZAPPA "Hot Rats" - 1969 - USA - Bizarre RS6356

jeudi 3 avril 2008

For your listening pleasure...

... KHAN!

Steve Hillage and Dave Stewart united for a one-LP only Prog Rock outfit (with Nick Greenwood from the CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN).

Man what an incredible record! Ambitious, meditative at times, heavy and beautifully orchestrated.

Hillage's guitar work is stunning and Stewart's visceral organ parts are strong and intoxicating.

If you're into the Canterbury scene, this is truly a must-have, though you'll have to pay $100 to get a mint copy...

I had to play the record twice to decide what track to add to the player. You can't be disappointed.


KHAN "Space Shanty" - 1972 - UK - Deram SDL-R11

Going back to what I do best

Non-existing comments on recent posts made me think about going back to our cherished vintage Rock.

So here we go with YESTERDAY AND TODAY from Frisco and their debut album, released in 1976 on London Records.

Energic and hard hittin' with hardly any soft songs (one per side, cause we all need to rest for a minute or two and go to the kitchen to bring back another round of beers).

I'm amazed by the double bass drum as it was pretty rare at the time to be that assaulted all the way.
The slaying riffs are groovin' like hell and the energy is communicative.
I don't like the voice though, a bit too weak for this excellent Rock'n'Roll record.


YESTERDAY AND TODAY "s/t" - 1976 - USA - London PS677