vendredi 26 janvier 2007

It's all about original pressings!

The original pressing, it's all that matters!

If a band comes from the UK, please buy the original UK pressing! A second UK press will always be more valuable than a first French press for exemple...

For exemple, considering the band MAY BLITZ (one of the greatest UK band ever), if you find an original UK press of their second album "2nd of May" (Vertigo 6360037 - complete with its original Vertigo poly-lined inner sleeve), know that this original copy will continue to increase in value throughout the years, more than a German press.
Always choose the genuine, the original press!

Another exemple : AMON DÜÜL II "Phallus Dei", on Liberty Germany is more valuable than a French press. The German copy will cost about €100, and a French one will hardly cost €35/40.

The original pressing guys, it's all that matters!

jeudi 25 janvier 2007

First real message.

Let me first introduce some of you out here to that special kind of music that saw the light of day in the last decade. It goes by the name of STONER.

I've prepared some podcasts you can easily download and enjoy at home, in a parking lot, in the metro station, at your mother-in-law's birthday, in your bathroom or any other place you'd find proper to listen to it.

Thanks to my friends from Disque Primeur who released those StoneFreak Sessions, you can lay down and relax.

Click here (you'll need to download a podcaster first) :

Than choose StoneFreak Session I (or II, as you like, but you should start by listening to the first volume, it's more accurate).


Here we go peeps!

The secret Vinyl Conspiracy is a conglomerate of vinyl collectors & music lovers. Our goal is to talk about music and help people to get reviews and infos on bands they want to know more about. Using our knowledge, experience (and books!), we can also tell you how much your record collection is worth.

Besides, we want to get in touch with people who want to get rid of their record collection.

The secret Vinyl Conspiracy is about music, all genres (from 50's R'n'R, to extreme Black Metal, as well as Blues, Kraut, Noise, HxC and tons of other stuff). Send a list, we send a price. We come to your house, in France and Belgium.

You know what you have to do... Get in touch.

The secret Vinyl Conspiracy est une association de collectionneurs de disques vinyles et d'amoureux de musique. Le but de ce site est de parler musique et d'aider les internautes à obtenir des chroniques et autres informations sur les groupes qui les intéressent. Nous pouvons également vous aider à déterminer la valeur de vos disques et de votre collection complète.

Par ailleurs, nous récupérons vos collections de disques vinyles.

The secret Vinyl Conspiracy ne connait aucune restriction de genre (50's, Black Metal, Blues, Kraut, Noise, HxC et tellement d'autres choses). Envoyez votre liste de disques, et nous vous enverrons notre prix de rachat. Nous nous déplaçons sur la France entière et en Belgique.

Il ne vous reste plus qu'à nous contacter.